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PE pipe line conveying systems

PE pipe line conveying systems

HENGJU has delivered more than 300 projects successfully . More than 50 engineers and technicians working on safety installation .So far HENGJU has more than 150 staffs,who will be assigned by project center and responsible for installation of all the equipment and system.

On storage, conveying, metering and system automatic, Ongoal has many successful cases for customer's visit and reference. Since installation of the material automation conveying system is much complicated than installation of common equipment, it refers to mechanism and electrical installation , professional personnel is required for installation according to installation SOP.

As the saying goes: Strong horse with strong saddle, whether the system can runs smoothly and production site can reach requirements , it is not only depending on design ability, but also installation plays a very important in it . HENGJU’s installation team is skilled and experienced, have worked on installation for many large projects, summarized a set of system installation experience and also keep developing, to ensure customer satisfaction on each project.