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PET bottles gravimetric dosing system

PET bottles gravimetric dosing system

PET is a widely used engineering plastic with strong hygroscopicity. If the moisture content is too high, it will hydrolyze under the high temperature processing, causing PET molecular chain breakage and thermal decomposition to produce acetaldehyde. The physical and mechanical properties of PET are degraded, affecting Quality of products. Therefore, it is necessary to use PET crystallization dryer, PET raw materials for dehumidification drying, the moisture content within the normal control, ensure a good product quality.

Good crystallisation allows optimisation and simplification of the drying phase, with no risk of material degradation and the possibility of recovering high percentages of regrind.

PET crystallization dryer advantages:

1. PET raw materails is widely used in texitle fiber, food and medicine pacakaging, tape film, industrial fiber and high temperature resistance tableware etc. as  high polymer products, its higher moisture content, will cause bubble, cracking and yellow color defects.

2. It can be widely used in various application fields for HENGJU's auxiliary equipments in PET injection moulding system industry as its technology achieving to advanced world level.

3. Bottle and Preform making,  Pipe production, Waste materials recycling production.