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PP silos storage system

PP silos storage system

During material production and handling , an intermediate storage is needed as a buffer to store material . Full consideration on basic weight bearing ,temperature controlling, dryness and humidity requirements ,feeding ,cleanliness and other performance parameters and physicochemical requirements should be taken for the design of powder,liquid material storage silos .Ongoal selects suitable construction material for customer according to properties of the material.Making reasonable design for overall construction and weight bearing according to on site material conveying ,convenience of use and site condition.

Ancillaries:According to the properties of the products and requirements of production processes, we design relative ancillaries for each storage silo,such as dust removal filter,safety valve,material level switch, metering and weighing devices, activation bin discharger,drag type feeder, silo fluidizer,air hammer, pressure sensor ,stop valve, flashboard valve, volume feeder,suction gun feeder,lighting rod etc.