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PS granule material handling system

PS granule material handling system

1. Coloring process automation, blocking prevention: the central feeding system can realize continuous unmanned continuous molding operation, can according to need to change the raw materials in the process of operating varieties, a combination of color material usage, realize the automation of colouring process.And can be used in automatic way to regenerate and sprue cold material, to all the control of feeding equipment, and prevent the occurrence of surge bin in jams phenomenon, and improve the working efficiency of the injection molding workshop.

2. Meet the requirements for product varieties: the central feeding system USES a microcomputer automatic control, to aggregate the 24 hours of continuous feeding operation, even in mixing, measuring accurate, flexible and can change the color, we can see that it adapt to multiple color product varieties in the injection workshop requirements.

3. Safe and reliable work: according to the production of different molding machine, flexible change for shoes.Multiple feed pipeline design, can guarantee to injection workshop is main diversification requirements, at the same time have a variety of monitoring and protection function, safe and reliable work.

4. To adapt to any injection molding workshop equipment: the central feeding system can perform automatically to a variety of raw materials supply multicellular any kind of injection molding processing equipment, in which can include the raw material of color processing, dry processing, and according to the proportion of recycle material crushing, can implement high degree of automation control, monitoring, etc.

5. Easy to operate, energy saving, the central feeding system operation simple, need only a handful of people that can control the whole injection molding plant feed demand, thereby reducing the large amounts of labor costs.Also reduced by the injection molding machine with raw material and the corresponding auxiliary equipment, improved the space utilization.In addition, with the central feeding way, corresponding to reduce a lot of single machine equipment, save electricity and reduce maintenance costs