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PVC pelletizer crushing system

PVC pelletizer crushing system

PVC / PE / PP and other plastic production plant manually weight a variety of raw materials and accessories. With the condition of large-scale economic and high labor costs, as people pay attention to the health, in order to improve due to the emotional and long working time in the boring environment, operators may cause weighing fault, and thus leads significant losses to the enterprise. Obviously, Automatic Mixing and Centralized Feeding System is necessary and take the economic benefits are very obvious.

System composition

1. The system mainly includes: the main material feeding weighing device, auxiliary materials, micro-feeding weighing device, liquid material ingredients, mixing unit, transportation system;

2. Using PLC and computer composite control, can achieve a long continuous feeding operations;

3. Imported scale sensors guarantee the stability of system;

4. Provide screw feeder, vacuum feeder or chain conveyor for different condition of raw materials.